** Early Access: Insider Program Launch **

We are currently running our Early Access Insider Program with a select number of clubs, but have recently increased our Insider Program to allow for a few more clubs before full launch. Please contact us here to register your interest into our exclusive Insider Program.

Precision WEAR

Developed at the European Space Agency, Precision WEAR is the most advanced monitoring system in the market. Precision WEAR is able to provide 18Hz true sampling (non-interpolated), uses the US GPS, Russian GLONASS and the finally active European GALILEO satellites for greater positional accuracy via reduced positional errors. Precision WEAR features motion sensor sampling at more than twice that of the standard systems on the market (and capable of up to x10 more if needed), along with both USB and wireless data transfer, the Precision WEAR comes with our adjustable custom vests.

Precision WEAR Touch Analytics

The Precision WEAR Touch Analytics software is provided with our team system for coaches and/or sports scientists wanting powerful post-training analytics and real-time use. Built on Windows 10 (the team edition comes with a Windows 10 tablet hybrid), Touch Analytics has been developed from the ground up to provide desktop analytics and power all in a completely mobile experience. This allows sports scientists to be as close to the coaching team as possible during training and play, and also to provide touch-enabled reporting soon after a session is completed.

"Spend less time making reports, and more time making a difference. "

Although the Precision WEAR Team System can be used as a match analysis tool, Touch Analytics has been design from the ground up first and foremost as a medical/sports science and performance tool with a primary focus on individualization. Precision WEAR Team System was developed to focus on the individual training and competition loads; the effects on their body and how the body responds to the stresses. Rather than an endless list of metrics, WEAR focuses on key metrics under 3 key areas;





“In-Body, not just In-Play”.

PrecisionNET A.I

PrecisionNET A.I. has two purposes:





We provide a virtual sports science department and service to athletes, sports teams and organisations with limited budget to invest into developing and sustaining an effective internal sports science department. Or if you have an established department, PrecisionNET A.I. adds to it.

Improving player availability is at the core of PrecisionNET A.I. and PrecisionNET A.I. allows player profiling at a faster rate than anything else on the market. No need to spend seasons of data collection before application.