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Precision WEAR is the next-generation in wearable tech for all-levels of athletes and committed sports enthusiast who want to train at their limits but also reduce their risks of muscular injuries.

Worn in a custom vest, WEAR allows the users to know exactly how they’re loading their body when training in their sport, what stresses they’re putting body through and what parts of the body they’re loading. WEAR is available for a range of sports, and we’re working on adding more. Currently available sports include:

Coming Soon:

Precision WEAR Companion App & PrecisionNET A.I. analytics

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The Precision Wear Companion App is a powerful mobile analytics app for WEAR. Initially available on iOS, the Precision WEAR Companion App allows users to record training sessions and allows for training analysis of their session, indicating effects on the body and what parts of the body, injury risks, training recommendations to help you adapt your training behaviour and reduce injury risk, medium and long-term trends with deep analytics all via PrecisionNET A.I.; your very own 24/7 Virtual Sports Science Assistant.

With PrecisionNET A.I., experience having your own Virtual Sports Science department in your pocket. PrecisionNET A.I. will know how your loading your body and how your body is responding to that, and is constantly analysing your data to offer insights and recommendations based on your training loads, injury history, sports type, body type and even genetic type, to help you optimise your training and reduce injury risk.



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Receive predictive training recommendations to reduce your chances of injuries whilst improving your sporting performance.

PrecisionNET A.I. is your own personal Virtual Sports Science Department and Assistant.

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