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At Precision Sports our goal is simple; to help athletes of all levels and all over the world reduce their chances of injuries and improve performance and success in sports. Performance and risk of injury are two sides of the same coin, and at Precision Sports we want to help you and/or your athletes find their individual line between performance and pain. We want to provide Sports Science services, technologies and analytics to the sporting world whether you are a team or an individual, elite or amateur, all based on the most relevant and valid research available. We're making Sports Science mainstream.



Precision WEAR is the next-generation in wearable tech for athletes and active sports participants who want to train at their limits but also reduce their risks of muscular injuries. Using the latest in sensor and motion technology, Precision WEAR is able to identify key sporting movements, along with the loads and stresses occurring on the body during those movements. With Precision Wear, you can capture “External Loads” such as Acceleration/Deceleration, Velocity and more, assess “Biomechanical Fatigue” such as changes in Running Gait/Stride, Left or Right Side imbalances, and even what muscles you’ve loaded, and measure your body’s “Physiological Response” to loading.

We also have the Precision WEAR System for Teams.

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When in the gym, it's easy to know what loads are being put on the body, but not so easy to know what loads and stresses are being put on the body when training or participating in a sport.

Worn in a custom vest, Precision WEAR allows users to know exactly how the body is being stressed, what stresses are being putting on the body, and what parts of the body are loaded. Precision WEAR is available for a different range of sports, and we’re working on adding more. Sports include;

Running and Sprinting

Running Sports

Whether you are a professional marathon runner, Olympic Sprinter or just like to keep fit by running and taking care of yourself, Precision WEAR will help you know how you’re stressing your body; from forces on your legs, running imbalances, to even changes in your running stride mechanics.

Team-Based Sports

Even if you compete in a team sport, Precision WEAR will help you know what effects sports training and competition is having on your body and performance. It can be a range of sports such as Soccer/Football, Rugby, Basketball, American Football, Hockey, Volleyball, and other similar team-based sports.

Combat Sports

Combat Sports*

From Boxing to Taekwondo, Kickboxing to MMA, Precision WEAR will allow you to measure your performance and physical deterioration during training.

*Currently WEAR does not currently support sports; such as Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Judo and other similar grappling-type sports.


PrecisionNET Companion App

The PrecisionNET Companion App is a powerful mobile analytics app for the WEAR. Initially available on iOS (Android coming soon), the PrecisionNET Companion App allows users to record training sessions and allows for training analysis of their session.

With PrecisionNET A.I., experience the feeling of being an elite professional athlete with your own virtual Sports Science department in your pocket. PrecisionNET A.I. is constantly analysing your data, making decision based on everything from training loads, injury history, sports, body type to even genetic type, PrecisionNET A.I. knows how you’re loading your body and how your body is responding, and will give you recommendations on training and recovery to optimise your training and reduce your risk of injuries. Whether you are a professional elite athlete or just serious about avoiding injury, experience having your own sports science laboratory with you wherever you are, analysing your data and working for you.

PrecisionNET Parralax image 6.jpg

PrecisionNET A.I.

Your own Virtual Sports Science A.I. Assistant

PrecisionNET A.I.

Your own Virtual Sports Science A.I. Assistant

Developed at the European Space Agency, PrecisionNET A.I. is our powerful predictive-modelling cognitive Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Sports Science Assistant that is working to outthink our biggest challenge; reducing the chances of muscular injuries of athletes.


Understand: PrecisionNET A.I. is an always live and always active 24/7 machine-learning service, capable of running hundreds of thousands of experiments per minute, to deeply analyse and make sense of your data


PrecisionNET A.I. is always learning and always developing, and with further understandings of how our body responds to loads and injuries, PrecisionNET A.I. will aim to add to the scientific community, so we can all learn and adapt together.


PrecisionNET A.I. can provide individualized recommendations and thresholds based on personalised profiling, machine-learning and bioinformatics, built on variables such as body type, training and injury history, performance level and even genetic typing.


If you are a large club with a sports science department, PrecisionNET A.I. will add to your work force. If you are a small club or an individual, PrecisionNET A.I. can be your own personal sports science department.




Marilyn Okoro
400m World & Olympic

    Medallist Athlete

"Its been fantastic having the opportunity to use such a high level technology for my training. I'm confident using the Precision Wear and having the PrecisionNET service behind me, I'll be able to get into peak conditioning and hopefully stay injury-free going into next season."

Greg De Carnys
Head of Performance

    at West Ham United Academy.

“Having trialled the system, it’s a fantastic system for sports clubs and athletes to help analyse training loads and allowed us to make informed decisions. It’s unique in the sense that PrecisionNET helps save time for those clubs and athletes who don’t have the resources to analyse the data themselves.”

Marques Colston
NFL Wide Receiver &

    Super Bowl Champion.

"Injuries have been a part of my career as a Wide Receiver in the NFL and has affected me and other football players. We all know many players, young and, old who could’ve gone further if it weren’t for injuries. I’m hugely impressed with Precision Wear and PrecisionNET and definitely looking forward to working with Precision Sports Technologies”.

Mladen Jovanovic
Chief Sports

    Science Officer.

“I’ve been aware of what Precision Sports have been up to for the last few years and was part of their advisory board for a while, helping to shape and mould PrecisionNET. Once given the offer to become more involved with the company, I simply had to get involved. I’m passionate about injury-prediction modelling and there are certainly a lot of challenges in trying to deal with this massive issue. But I believe we have the technology and ingredients to make a difference to the lives of athletes and sports scientist all over the world.”


European Space Agency

HRV4 Training






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