Hello World…

Welcome to the (third!) iteration and newest home of Precision Sports Technologies.

We’ve waited a very long time to finally launch our website, much longer than many would realise. It’s been a long time coming for us.

As stated, welcome to our new online home detailing our vision and our products; Precision Wear and PrecisionNET. Although this is the home to Precision Sports Technologies, we plan for it to be more than just a product and company homepage, but a content hub for all things related to the narrative of athletes and sports injuries. From our website to all our social media channels, we will be dedicating our content to the nature and experiences of athletes and injuries; their experiences, their struggles, the physical, emotional and even financial impact of injuries in their lives, and especially methods and ways to overcome them. From content videos detailing the experiences of athletes and injuries, to the latest in sports science and sports medical research. We’ll also be creating all sorts of contents, such as our “Behind the Scenes” articles interviewing sports scientists and their experience working in the field and their journey so far, to athletes of different levels and their experiences with injuries and the effects they’ve had on their lives This site will be a monument to all things sports injury related, and not just to talk about us and our product.

First off will be a guest blog entry by our founder Alexander Oviawe on the personal website of our Chief Sports Science Officer Mladen Jovanovic. Aimed at professional sports clubs, the article is a response and review to Bucheit & Simpson (2016)’s recent paper called “Player Tracking Technology”. In response to that enlightening paper are a series of discussions points and questions that underpin the thinking behind us as a company and why we believe the Precision Wear monitoring system and PrecisionNET Analytics are the solution to a problem that affects every athlete all over the world, regardless if you’re an Olympic sprinter, professional football player or weekend marathon runner, and that is the risk of muscular injuries. You can visit Mladen’s blog here.

In the meantime, keep an eye out on our monthly newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all future information and content that we’ll be released on a daily basis. 

Welcome to the PST journey. #stayinthegame